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What should I wear?

At Parkside Assembly most people dress casually, though some wear ties and dresses. We understand that people are more than the clothes they wear, so we encourage people to come dressed comfortably. 

What are the services like?

All of our services are centered around discipling people from new followers into mature servants of Christ. Our heart, no matter what the event or service, is to bring to bring people to Jesus. Those events look different depending on when they take place. Sunday Mornings are more formal, and involve a time of worship, connection with fellow believers, a message, and then prayer. Sunday Evenings are typically laid back, family oriented services that involve worship, a message, and prayer.

What do you believe?

At Parkside Assembly, we adhere to the 16 fundamental truths of the Assemblies of God. Those are the Doctrines that define our church's faith. From those, we get our 5 core values that drive our church's culture. Those values are WORSHIP, CONNECT, GROW, SERVE, GO. 

When do you meet?


Morning Worship           11:00AM

Where are you located?